Support & 1-to-1 Coaching

Through my challenges, I became a REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer with a Level 4 Corrective Exercise specialism, an England Athletics Run Coach and a British Triathlon coach. Additionally, I studied courses in nutrition, pain management and mental heal tools. You can benefit from this experience and knowledge, delivered by someone who cares passionately about getting you back to loving your life.

Because I have been through a lot, I am very hard to shock and I work to have absolute empathy for what you are going through. I have also built up my own network of experts from a breadth of backgrounds. These are people whom I really trust and where I know how they can help at specific times, and in specific circumstances.

Coaching approach

I give you that 1-to-1 support to build you back onto your feet.

  • Working with you to establish meaningful and realistic goals, and then applying all of the best knowledge from sports psychology to enable you to succeed against them.
  • Acting as a sounding-board on what you are hearing from the medical profession and how to navigate to find the people and the answers that you need in order to move forward.
  • An immediate and honest view on red flags that indicate there is a problem.
  • A programmed training approach to progressively build up your body, mind and spirit – delivered and tracked through Training Peaks software, but supported with regular messages, responding to questions as they come up and weekly check-ins.
  • Use of the best data analytical tools available in the areas of power and bio-mechanics.
  • A monthly review session using the different data to discuss progress against goals, and focus for the next month.
  • A focus on ensuring that you can do the Physio exercises correctly, and then a focused Strength and Conditioning programme that delivers the resilience your body needs, plus also addressing other areas such as sleep, nutrition, priority-setting, stress management and day-to-day challenges.
  • Personal coaching on training technique as needed – across swimming, cycling, running and strength/conditioning.
  • Constant tracking of the latest advances and knowledge on areas such as Masters athletes, endurance training, ageing well and menopause.
  • Access to a training group for sessions once per week, if you want to do that.
  • Signposting to other support where outside of my skillset – eg deeper areas of mental and physical health.

I’m someone that you can tell the unvarnished truth to – I am not invested in the hopes and fears in the same way as your family, I am not involved in your treatment like the medical professionals and what we talk about stays between us. So I can be your support in course-setting, navigating and managing your recovery back to a life of joy and possibility. Nothing is more rewarding for me.

Currently working with athletes with exciting goals:

  • Moving up from a half marathon to a first marathon distance, whilst managing niggles
  • Coming back from a broken ankle to run a significant Ultra Marathon
  • Managing previous knee injuries to run a 2-day adventure ultra race in the mountains
  • Working out what to do about significant hip pain in the context of life and long-distance racing
  • Nurturing the body back into movement and life after a lot of surgery
  • Building up again on the bike with a goal of becoming qualified to ride Track
  • … how about you… what are your exciting goals? Do you fancy becoming a part of the training group?

Measuring progress and replanning

Recovery is never a linear path and requires constant check-steps, assessments of progress and re-planning. Sometimes that is that we can now progress faster, sometimes changing the mix, and sometimes taking a different approach. But never giving up and gently optimising the plan all of the time based on progress.

This means ensuring that we create specific and measurable milestones, and a sense of winning at life.

It also means handling the derailments that can knock you off-course. There are techniques to address almost all of these, but it is likely that you will need a bit of help working them out.

This sign always makes me smile!

I am not a medical professional and will not give medical advice.

So I use the coaching skillset – supporting you to work out what decisions you need to make, putting in place the building blocks to rebuild step by step, searching out the support that you need and finding the deep reserves of resilience that sit inside of you, but that you are probably finding hard to access right now.

Every person and situation is unique – and the solutions that you find will be. But there are tools, frameworks and knowledge that can help. Especially since most people find that their ability to make good quality decisions when under pressure, in pain and feeling overwhelmed is severely compromised.

If you are interested in finding out more, including prices and more detailed information, do get in contact.