Starting to move without pain

A local triathlete told me how Somatics had changed her life, with just a couple of treatments.  For her, it had made the difference in terms of the pain in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which is very much linked with the nervous system and had led her to extensive suffering for a long time. Plus she said that it had freed her lower body movement, such that she could consistently put out an extra mile per hour on the turbo trainer.

So I thought that it was worth some more research.

The somatic part of the nervous system is the part that is associated with movement and the techniques of the Somatic approach was initially developed by Thomas Hanna, who sadly passed away in 1990 aged only 62. But others such as Martha Peterson in Colorado, USA have now picked up the baton and there are practitioners in the UK.

I was struck by the part of her website that talked about the fact that she prided herself on not having repeat clients, because once  people have learned the techniques they become self-sufficient.

Martha Peterson’s book ‘Move without Pain; is excellent and explains the techniques very well, which are simple, accessible and need only take 15-20 minutes.

For you to have a go yourself, have a read of the website, and you can sign up to the 5 day online course for a taster that will teach you 4 techniques and give you a chance to see whether it makes a difference for you. If you are unable to move without pain, the investment of an hour across a week seems a good return on effort to check this out!

Whilst Thomas Hanna is the founder of Somatics, I have to say that I found the pictures in his book rather hard to follow. So Martha Peterson’s book of ‘Move without Pain’ was much more accessible and easy textbook to put the techniques into practice.

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